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Google Hawk

Turning things around – the Google Hawk update!

Google the IT giant released a big algorithm update which goes by the pet name Google Hawk on August 22nd 2017. This seems to have created a major upheaval in the SEO community. Read on to get a gist of this update and its impact. The Hawk update causes a great impact on local SEO

mobile app vs mobile website for ecommerce

Should I opt for a mobile app or a mobile website for my e-commerce website?

Businesses of today have evolved to ECommerce as consumers have shifted toward the convenience, choice and accessibility of online transactions. Nowadays M-commerce is the current trend as mobile apps can be accessed on the go at your convenience, place & time.   Features Mobile websites Mobile Apps Availability Instantly available across a range of devices

mobile friendly website

Improve your responsive web design approach

High speed internet connectivity, the frequent release of smartphones, the availability of a range of mobile operating system versions and  the choice for different mobile apps have changed the way we use mobile devices. This on-demand approach to mobile devices is creating a positive impact for a shift from desktop to mobile. There are several

Improving your work style for a better life. Some simple tips that can elevate your spirits!

We all tend to face ups and downs while at work and this gradually reflects in the output. There have been many situations when I have found it difficult to pen down even a single line while writing blogs and it has even made me think whether I am unfit for the job. I bet

Upgrade your Online Business, a few simple and easy steps that will boost it

Change is an inevitable part of the Internet world and this change arises out of necessity to stand out in the crowd and race ahead in the competition. Today, almost all businesses, no matter whether small or big own a website. A website is the only medium that will help them reach the global audience

Children’s Day in the Light of Terror

The future of a nation rests in the hands of the generations to come. But what if these budding florets of tomorrow are annihilated before the next sunrise? Even today 66 years after India’s independence, not even a single child or woman is safe in our own country. Every single day hundreds of cases of

WordPress website developmen

Affordable web design solutions for all types of businesses

A non-profit organization or a small business set up usually tends to do without a website. Some of them get a static HTML site designed from a relative or friend of theirs to merely exhibit an online presence. This HTML site contains the details of the products and services in brief without any air of