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High speed internet connectivity, the frequent release of smartphones, the availability of a range of mobile operating system versions and  the choice for different mobile apps have changed the way we use mobile devices. This on-demand approach to mobile devices is creating a positive impact for a shift from desktop to mobile. There are several ways in considering a mobile web presence  like implementing a separate mobile site or a mobile web app lead to the quick and trustworthy demand for the most recent and popular approach; the so called Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design works well for informational web pages, wherein  information on the right side of your desktop is brought to the bottom of the page in mobile applications. This versatile design strategy makes it possible to view the internet on a 20″ monitors, 15″ laptops, 10″ netbooks, 7″ tablets, 3″ smartphones and in a range of devices of varying size; considering the huge difference in widths, heights, screen orientation and resolution.
What Makes Responsive Web Design Different?

  • Once build, it works well in all devices,enhancing user’s offline browsing experience
  • A good Responsive Design is a perfect fit for any screen size
  • Increase the reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Improves SEO and Increase your visibility in search engines
  • Save time and cost on site management and  mobile development

Responsive Web design allows you to stay ahead of the trend with the proliferation of the demand for feature rich mobile apps and devices. Responsive web design keeps you ahead of your competitors and establish your market presence. This on demand technologies in today’s design world has proven to be successful based on the way that you make use of it. Even though Responsive Design continues to grab a lot of attention; considering how different it is from the “traditional” way of designing websites  can be a bit overwhelming for those designers who have yet to try it.


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