Monthly Archives: January 2015


Blogging practices that needs to be implemented in the year 2015

Earlier this year and in the previous year we have been discussing on techniques to improve user experience while they are on our blog to gather information. But still businesses are complaining of the lack of visitor presence for prolonged time over the blogs. None of us are looking for users who leave after skimming

What is the future of SEO in 2015?

The usual SEO traditions are being modified each passing day to help businesses achieve a secure and faster growth over time and the major focus is on churning a change that is irreversible. The above statement is clear like a crystal, because we are all there where Google is and this shows the impact of

Content curation trends for the year 2015

Great content is what the crawlers search for, be it search engines or people. The previous year has paved way for better options and ideas for webmasters to help businesses reach their goals and web content is the revolving solution for all. How can we utilize this content for business success in the year 2015?