What is the future of SEO in 2015?

The usual SEO traditions are being modified each passing day to help businesses achieve a secure and faster growth over time and the major focus is on churning a change that is irreversible. The above statement is clear like a crystal, because we are all there where Google is and this shows the impact of Google’s changing SEO trends.

With the introduction of Hummingbird which is utilized for summing up the search queries, the traditional SEO is being ousted from the scenario though it has a meagre guest role in the website’s attempt to enhance user experience.

Usually, SEO is a tedious process because we never know which technique or tactic might hit the buyer persona’s eye. But, a constant analysis and monitoring is always a supportive tool while uncertainties stir your mind.

Whatever business we are trying to promote over the world wide web whether it is at a local or international level or whether we own a small or a large business, irrespective of all these factors, basically what we all prefer is to attract visitors who will be our potential prospects in the end the ones who will be engaging into serious business deals with us.

A design is of course an inevitable part of our business website but what matters most is information that will nudge them, nag them and compel them to convert into active sales deals and this is through an user experience that is out of the world. They must find that you have stuff that can address their needs and solve their problems without a second thought.

An enthralling UX experience is all that your visitors must be pampered with.

I am not saying that the basic SEO practices are to be ignored. Of course, you need to put in all the keywords, meta tags, images, and tags that form the basis of SEO for the initial start up activities but there is an UX experience that must not be missed out.

Now I am going to elaborate the importance of on-page SEO optimization and the so-called UX experience that I am talking about. Think about a brand new BMW car and compare it with your website. Let’s view the engines and infrastructure of the motor as the on-page SEO. Do you think the buyer is concerned about these things? Of course it does matter but all that is encapsulated and the brand is all that matters.

The sleek and elegant style of the automobile is all that buyer wants to boast about though the engine and mileage are all details that cannot be ignored in the long run. So, comes the UX experience and the on-page SEO of your website from the point of view of a visitor.


We all love beauty and at some point or the other are flattered at comments like “You are beautiful”. For example, lets take a recent snap of yours that you uploaded on Instagram and check the number of views and likes that your snap has managed to invite. The design of your website has the same impact on the viewers.

The target customers are in need of an absolute solution and they come to you with great expectations but an unattractive design that does not meet the so called standards of the latest internet obsessions that has taken up space in the hearts of millions will be discarded and is sure to lose its charm and divulge unto rather than leading to conversions.

We do not want to mislead the customers who might stride off from entering into any deals with you thinking business with you will be as dull as the design your website walls are representing. Make sure your website has an attractive design that is easy to navigate and does not ward off the customers rather than appeasing them.

You can start the design and redesign work with a little research and analysis of the present state of the market and what your competitor’s sites are presenting and do not forget to check what your customer’s need. A simple test to help your: walk up to your friends, relatives or even you can approach your employees and ask them what are the major problems they are experiencing with your site and try to fix those.

Website is the physical window of online stores:

How about embracing the virtual reality? The idea sounds to be weird, but indeed it works. Your website needs a virtual storefront, it is just like the window of a physical store that you own in the real world. You hide behind the cover and think that your website will do the communication for you. But do you think any communication will actually take place when there are no visitors for your webpage?

They want to know who you are, how you came into doing this business and what your goals are. Pen down your history, how you originated and how your business goals are strategized and how it will be helpful for helping them with their problems which is the ultimate question of concern.

Give a face and life to your website. Let it speak about you and let them feel a personal attachment with you helping them generate trust with the people they are planning to do business with.

Final point is telling tales:

Who doesn’t like to hear stories? We have all eagerly listened to stories in our childhood and still love to read tales and relate ourselves and our lives with these characters and their part in the play. So, begin with a beautiful story and tell them all you have in store for them. Follow the latest content marketing practices that we have already penned up in the previous blogs. Click here for more details:  http://blog.tauruswebsolutions.com/content-marketing-tactics-will-help-gain-traffic. Blog posts are the best part of content marketing and engage into a conversation with your audience. Let them voice their opinion. Let it be a healthy communication. :Let them know who you are and what you are. Let your blog promote the latest trends and technologies prevailing in the market and suffice them with answers for a newer and modified solution for their problems.

This is 2015 and we are looking for a change and let us be the change that we are looking out for.

I challenge you, with these tips you will easily forgo your competitor’s comfort zone and establish a newer zone for better business.


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