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India’s IT Reach in the Year 2016

India, the world’s largest sourcing destination for the  IT  industry is witnessing a sound economic transformation of the country in 2016; thereby improving its reach in the global economy. The IT industry in India is mainly divided into 2 major sector; the BPO and IT services. According to NASSCOM, the sector conglomerates a revenue of

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Content Marketing Metrics that you need to start using today!

I, believe a rough calculation of the marketers using basic metrics such as clicks and downloads to analyse content effectiveness will be nearly 50% of the total population submitting their content over the internet which is a fairly depressing figure. What about the rest? Another saddening sight is of the 17% who have no measurement

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The need for long and evergreen content

In many of my blog posts, I have already discussed the importance of posting substantial data which means you cannot simply post something irrelevant and sit back. I have seen many of the small business owners who post skimmed content that is almost similar to posting nothing. Please do not underestimate your readers who visit