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Content Marketing Tips that every content marketer should be using today!

Let me take you back to our discussions on content marketing and how to effectively deal with content marketing from the business point of view. These are some of the tips that every webmaster is aware of but usually skips these. Usually start up businesses are unaware of these steps, I am listing these steps

content marketing

Content Marketing Metrics that you need to start using today!

I, believe a rough calculation of the marketers using basic metrics such as clicks and downloads to analyse content effectiveness will be nearly 50% of the total population submitting their content over the internet which is a fairly depressing figure. What about the rest? Another saddening sight is of the 17% who have no measurement

content marketing

The need for long and evergreen content

In many of my blog posts, I have already discussed the importance of posting substantial data which means you cannot simply post something irrelevant and sit back. I have seen many of the small business owners who post skimmed content that is almost similar to posting nothing. Please do not underestimate your readers who visit