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India’s IT Reach in the Year 2016

India, the world’s largest sourcing destination for the  IT  industry is witnessing a sound economic transformation of the country in 2016; thereby improving its reach in the global economy. The IT industry in India is mainly divided into 2 major sector; the BPO and IT services. According to NASSCOM, the sector conglomerates a revenue of


Upset with failed blogger relationship? Here are some simple tips to help you

Forming a relationship with a blogger and maintaining it intact is not an easy task. These bloggers are infact competitive and every minute they are in search for ideas that will help them make it to the forefront. When you shake hands with a blogger everything is expected to be “mutual”, and you do not

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From the world of Content Writing in the month of August

A lot of information with regard to content writing has been doing rounds during the month of August. From the point of view of Webmasters and Internet Marketers these changes do not come as a surprise because “Content is King” and will always be. People need content that is precise and informative and also the

SEO Reasons to choose WordPress for your Website

WordPress, launched in the year 2003 has undoubtedly become the world’s most popular Content Management System Platforms. It was initially used for blogging purposes, but now it serves business requirements. All around the world, more than 20% of businesses have their online store developed on WordPress. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of

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Check out whether your online presence has vanished over the search engines

These days it is a common phenomena for websites to lose the visibility over the search engines. These kinds of websites lack visitors as well as sales inquiries and customer references. The business will hit the loss graph head down. Falling off a great height down the stairs it will become very difficult for the