Upset with failed blogger relationship? Here are some simple tips to help you


Forming a relationship with a blogger and maintaining it intact is not an easy task. These bloggers are infact competitive and every minute they are in search for ideas that will help them make it to the forefront. When you shake hands with a blogger everything is expected to be “mutual”, and you do not want to mess up with these people.

You do not want to create a strained relationship when you are here to stay for long. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain a long term relationship with the bloggers:

  • Start a conversation through compliments: Nothing can work as wonderful as a compliment. People hardly do any research before contacting the bloggers, jotting down some kind of a title or a name that has nothing to do with the blog that you are planning to connect with along with a signature is just like blankly telling someone that, “I am actually doing this for the sake of doing, and there is nothing interesting about me”, which will automatically land you into the trash. Take some time and research on the recent blog posts and bring out the actual punches that you like in their blog which is one of the successful tactics in arousing someone’s interest with a single compliment.
  • Constant follow-ups: If they did not respond to your first mail, don’t lose hope, give time. They might have been busy and couldn’t find time to respond to your mails. When you follow up it is like you are interested in them and there they are opening up an opportunity to provide a faster response. You are just a few steps from winning the game. .
  • Social Media influence: As we have already discussed, your communication starts with Email. But, imagine a blogger who has been receiving more than 1000’s of Emails that are getting stacked on a daily basis. They might be responding but it is actually a difficult task to get in touch with each and every person on the list. Go ahead and contact them on their social media profiles. When someone contacts them over the social media it is overwhelming and they want to move ahead with the communication. Here are some simple tips:
  • Twitter: Just mention these bloggers or their blog topic in your tweet or retweet to them. It shows that you are paying attention and you are interested in what they have got to say.
  • Facebook: Share or like their posts that is an easy way to get noticed. There is no point in not noticing a blogger who is reaching out to them.
  • Pinterest: Pin the content that you like it makes them feel that you are sharing and pinning on their content.

Humanization is the next step to gaining attention. Engage into active conversations with these bloggers.

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