These things are spoiling your reputation on social media! Stop doing them today!

Social Media

Social media is the place where all the people are actively involved in getting to know about things and much more. The kind of impression you create about yourself over the social media is one of the factors that determines your credibility.

A small flaw and you will be deprived of the happiness that a customer relation brings you. Analyse and research where your customers are. Depending on the kinds of products or services you need to examine all the different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ + and LinkedIn and analyse where they are more active.

You can easily find out where they are active, but the activities that you are doing here determines whether they will be interested in forming a relationship with you or not. Here, I am listing out some simple techniques to avoid doing things that you should not  be doing:

  • More activity over Facebook: Whenever we think about social media, Facebook is the first thing that comes into the picture. Most of the people are busy dragging their business to Facebook and in the meantime ignore the other social media networking sites that might be infact swarming with their actual customers. Identify where your customers are active and stay active over those sites because it is possible that Facebook is not reaching your customers. Facebook is infact an essential when it comes to launching social media profiles for business do not stick to Facebook alone.
  • Activity over multiple social media sites simultaneously: Yes this might seem to be a bit in contradiction with the first point that we have already discussed. It is not that you should be active over more than one social media site, but it is about the volume of your activity. It is indeed difficult to manage the activity over all the profiles simultaneously. You need to know where your audience is and then indulge in maximum activity over these social media sites.
  • You are not the only one out there: Do you have a friend or an acquaintance who keeps on talking about themselves? How do you deal with this kind of crap? You just ignore them or stop staying in touch with these people. The same thing happens when you keep on boasting about yourself over these social medias. No sane person will stay in touch with you if you are doing the same thing.
  • Read out what you are posting: We all have a general tendency to post the status of whatever you are feeling or doing. It is not your personal profile, It is good to be emotional but not in terms of tearing yourself apart from what your business actually deals with.

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