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What are the various platforms available for an eCommerce website development?

The global ecommerce market is growing at a rapid pace as every business just wants to jump on the bandwagon of selling products through online stores. With the continuous uprising trend in number of customers buying things online day by day it’s clear from the fact that this online shopping trend is sure going to

Mobile app development trends 2018

Top 5 Mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2018

Mobile apps are day by day rising to new heights in creativity and are resolving real-time problems in more effectively and efficiently. Recent times have seen the number of free apps downloaded projected to be over 197 billion. As the number of mobile users and customer needs are increasing it is important to keep track

wireframe in UX design

What is wireframe in UX design?

Everything begins with a basic plan! Be it a product, website or anything under the Sun! A wireframe refers to that basic plan at the bottom of things. A wireframe is basically a low-fidelity, simplified outline of your product. Be it in website development or ecommerce web development, in the web world it is a