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content marketing

The need for long and evergreen content

In many of my blog posts, I have already discussed the importance of posting substantial data which means you cannot simply post something irrelevant and sit back. I have seen many of the small business owners who post skimmed content that is almost similar to posting nothing. Please do not underestimate your readers who visit

mobile friendly website

Influence of responsiveness on mobile searches

If you have a website that is still not mobile-friendly then seek assistance from a software development company and get it optimized sooner. What’s the impending news now? Brace yourselves, the mobile search has surpassed tablet and desktop searches. I don’t know if you have been monitoring this change but I take this opportunity to

brochure design

Why we are among the top rated Web Design companies in India?

If you own a site that does not fulfill the Google’s latest norms on mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor for mobile phones, then you must have witnessed your site is no where in the vicinity over these search engines. Contact our team at Web Design India and get your websites transformed into the Mobilegeddon

Social Media

How Social Media Influences E-commerce marketing?

A recent study has come up with a few inferences that dooms the so-called hype over social media’s growing influence on taking E-commerce to the next level into a negative light. The survey shows that rather than influencing social media has been bringing about a impugning impact on the marketing front. This could sound to


What you should not be doing on your Company Blog?

A company blog is an essential requirement for any business establishment to garner their victories, thoughts, leadership ideas and to influence the customer section, finally converting them into leads. It helps to draw a good range of traffic for the website benefitting the business. But, sometimes things go awry and we happen to miss out