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how to use wordpress

How to use WordPress when you’re not tech savvy

  There is good news for you! You don’t have to be tech-savvy to own a good website and be able to handle it on your own. With a good content management system (CMS), you can build your own website; design it the way you want and keep your work organized while you reach out

mess with programming

10 Reasons why you shouldn’t mess with code if you don’t know what you’re doing

As a programmer, you will know how difficult it is to work on code done by someone else. Do not mess with code if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you had been a programmer for more than two or three years, you have probably been significantly slowed down by someone else’s messy code.

The importance of a website to connect customers to start-ups

So you are the proud owner of a business start-up and haven’t a clue on how to get things going! For any start-up business to survive the focus must be on the customers. Delight the customer & they’ll avail your product or service repeatedly. So how do you reach customers in a global scale? That

Importance of Agile methodology in user friendly web applications

INTRODUCTION The growth of Internet & World Wide Web has spurted off the rapid development of systematic design and development of software products to increase productivity & efficiency in the long run for businesses large & small. At times Software projects can be so large that careful planning has to be done. Implementation of a

Social Media

How Social Media Influences E-commerce marketing?

A recent study has come up with a few inferences that dooms the so-called hype over social media’s growing influence on taking E-commerce to the next level into a negative light. The survey shows that rather than influencing social media has been bringing about a impugning impact on the marketing front. This could sound to

Did you know regular website maintenance can help you gross sales?

Once the website goes live people trust their sales will automatically shoot up and their business will flourish. Just like any new vehicle, the website will work out wonders in luring and attracting net crawlers. But, if you have observed or given a fraction of second to think you will realize your website is just

website maintenance

Stay ahead of time with effective solutions on website maintenance

Websites are an integral part of businesses. No one wants to check out a website that appears to be static in nature. What use is such a website that does not exhibit any of the latest features that all the competitor sites have achieved? Then you are nearing a stage where you can be ready

WordPress website developmen

WordPress facilitates for easier website management

Website development and management has been made easier by companies providing WordPress web design India. WordPress came into being in the year 2003 and was initially used for blogging purposes for the ease and simplicity that it offers the bloggers with. The traditional web design strategies and tools are too complicated and difficult to manage

website maintenance

Website Maintenance determines its online friction

Website is an important part of online business. Design and development are inevitable phases in the life cycle of a website. Once this is achieved you have a website that implies your business and actively supports promotion of your products and services. What happens after that? Just like any other engine that keeps on functioning