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mobile app vs mobile website for ecommerce

Should I opt for a mobile app or a mobile website for my e-commerce website?

Businesses of today have evolved to ECommerce as consumers have shifted toward the convenience, choice and accessibility of online transactions. Nowadays M-commerce is the current trend as mobile apps can be accessed on the go at your convenience, place & time.   Features Mobile websites Mobile Apps Availability Instantly available across a range of devices

Mobile - 03-08-2017

Tips to reduce Mob application development costs

Mobile Apps today rule the day as they find applications in Smart Phones, Tablets, Televisions, Cars, Game Consoles, VR Devices & more. Mobile app downloads is expected to grow big way considering the potential number of devices to come in the near future. As the development process can be time-consuming as well as expensive, reducing


Improve your Handwriting with Digital Pens

Impressive!!!!! Spell bounding!!!!!! There are no words to express the latest miracle of technology. Can we believe it? The digital pen and paper are here which you can use to write according to your wish. No one will pin point or complain of your handwriting when you pen down your notes with the digital pen


Have a break!!!!!!! Have a KitKat

Google joins hands with Nestle for offering a delicious and yummy treat of Android. The yet-to-release version of Android 4.4 is named as KitKat- a tribute to the KitKat loving staff at Google. The latest version of Android aims to overcome the loopholes sustained by the invariably jelicious jelly bean version of Android. Android is


KitKat to sweeten this Diwali!!!!!!!!!

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, “the festival of lights”, Google has unveiled its latest version of Android 4.4. Named as “KitKat” after Nestle’s chocolate bar “KitKat”, this version of Android is set to overcome the factors lacking in the JellyBean version which was the last updated latest version in the Android series. So why