How to use WordPress when you’re not tech savvy

how to use wordpress


There is good news for you! You don’t have to be tech-savvy to own a good website and be able to handle it on your own. With a good content management system (CMS), you can build your own website; design it the way you want and keep your work organized while you reach out to the world. WordPress as a free content management system is best for beginners with less technical knowledge. Here we’ll discuss how to use WordPress when you’re not tech savvy…

Easy Installation

As most hosting services have one click installation process installing WordPress is easier and faster.

Great WordPress themes

A lot of free themes available here for you to experiment with! Find the one that appeals to you or that fits your business & start building. These themes have instructions on using it, so even lesser worries. Even advanced options are there to choose colors, fonts, background images and various features which you could enable or disable as per your need.


Using WordPress is easy as everything is at your first-hand reach and you will be able to make posts and add pages just like that. You can explore WordPress with “next steps” and “more actions.” Just check out the WordPress Dashboard & get going. Most issues you’ll have as a beginner is likely to have been addressed already. The WordPress community comes out strong to support you & you also can Google your doubts.
So what’s holding you back? Just go on & build your first WordPress website now!


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