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Website issues that needs to be fixed today!

Did you know? You might be just a step away from success and you might have lost the king’s throne several times though it was just at a stretch of your hand. Ever wondered about the issues that your online sales platform might be undergoing? Some issues need to be tackled at the earliest to

mobile friendly website

Who says your website must be mobile optimized?

Search Engine Optimization is contagious and spreading like wildfire when compared to what it was in the year 2006. Our inbox has been bogged with requests from businesses irrespective of their size or capital investment to buy an updated SEO plan for achieving visibility. Let me remind you, when it comes to optimizing your site,

How to wipe off your personal data from Android phones?

Android phones of course provide the Delete option but the data that you happen to believe has been erased might be hidden somewhere in the memory and you might come across the same at a later point of time and it will leave you thinking. When you are handing over your phone to someone else

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, appears to hold true for Apple iPhones

Apple iPhones are rich in the number of features that they ponder their users with. These devices have been designed for smoothing and answering the user’s quest for more and more technology that would ease out their reach towards their near and dear ones with a simple thread connecting them. Apple iPhones facilitate the sending of

Communication spreading over wider horizons with increase in the number of connectivity brands

Remember those days of your forefathers and ancestors when messengers used to run over miles carrying messages from one place to another? Even some countries have seen the use of birds as carriers of messages. Then came the vehicle mode of transportation where bulks of letters with communication address were carried from one place to

Smartphones are Wise and Smart

Do you know why the name Smartphone? What’s the doubt these phones are indeed very smart in the way they operate when compared to all other kinds of devices that facilitate communication. It is the most rampant trend among the tech savvies and is obviously considered not being smart to be without a smartphone. These

Are Tablets Replacing Desktops?

What is a tablet? A tablet is neither a desktop PC nor a notebook but offers a better operational dais combining the functional features of both. People belonging to different calling in the society starting from school going students to business people including medical practitioners have been inundated by the ebullient nature of tablets which

Android Android Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

With the release of its latest version, Android has achieved yet another trophy to its history of successes. People especially businesses prefer to depend on Android for the vast number of features that it offers. The bizarre feature that lures in people is the free open source framework that does not need any kind of