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Everyone wants their website to look big. Businesses want their websites to appear smart and take wise actions to garner customer support. But, researchers and webmasters say small businesses hold a wider scope of expansion as people prefer these over bigger ones.

However hard the bigger businesses try it is beyond their scope to present a personality, flavor and sensibility that the smaller ones possess. Small businesses can easily incorporate creativity and a kind of innovative style which the major business heads are afraid to put in as they are afraid of losing their reputation due to blunders.

People want to know more about your character. So, why not tell your story….who your team is…what they specialize in and what they all do for your firm. In short an insight into your company details will bring them closer to you. Here are a list of things that can be used on your website to please the customers:

  • Be unique: You can start by answering the question “What are you doing here and what are your intentions”. Precisely, tell them who you are. You can write a management bio by including in a few details like your years of experience, professional expertise, industry attributes that are unique, include points that will highlight your skills and portray you with a difference. Just answer a few simple questions like “What is unique about your business” and questions like “why shall i buy your product?” These questions are usually left unanswered by many of the business owners and it is one of the reasons they are losing out. You do not have to write a book, but precisely explain what you are.
  • A clear picture of what your company offers: Have you noticed more than 60% of the websites that you visit give you the least idea of what they are doing here and how absurd it looks. Businesses need to offer priority to what they do over the website at least the general information on home page with links that lead to the products/ services page. Do you think a visitor to your page will contact you in person to gather the missing information rather than moving on to the competitor website next on the list.
  • Include contact details: Building credibility is an important factor when it comes to luring customers. How do you think to build credibility without an address? Some people who do business sitting at their homes think of this as an useless point and skip this step of adding their street address. Some websites provide a vague outline of their existence. But they are doing it wrong. You are not aware of the power of a phone number, address and even some candid snaps can help in building a wondrous credibility.
  • Easily navigable: It is always recommended that you need to keep your site clean and easily navigable.

These are some of the simple and easy steps. I would describe the rest of the things in my next blog.

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