Security threats on Mobile App Development

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In recent times many IT majors like Yahoo, Snapchat, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, etc. have been targeted by hackers causing major security threats. Time has come to think about mobile security or data privacy!  The security threats on mobile app development has always been a cause of concern for developers and the need of the hour is to be proactive rather than reactive as it is vital to retain the consumer trust for your app to be a major success.

Let’s check out top 5 Security Issues in Mobile App Development

  1. Insecure Data Storage

Focus on designing apps so that critical information like passwords and credit card numbers do not reside directly on a device. If they do, they must be stored securely. Data should always be stored within an encrypted data section and the app should be marked to disallow backup.

  1. SSL Issues

Being most common issues seen in mobile apps often developers do not go deep into SSL applications and faulty implementation is also there. The SSL certificates are not verified. This is an invite to the hackers to exploit your app as proper transport layer protection is negligible.

  1. Data Leakages

The drive to gather personal data by seller brands should not compromise a consumer’s privacy. Many apps gather huge amounts of personal data — including age, location, gender etc. which can lead to “leaky” apps. Always keep an eye on the what, how, when and where your data moves as this is a treasure trove of information that hackers can dig into.

  1. Untrusted Inputs

Mobile apps generally accept data from various sources without sufficient encryption. This gives hackers easy access to cookies and environment variables. Attackers can bypass your security when security decisions on authentication and authorization are made based on the input values.

  1. Weak Server-Side Controls

Businesses to often expose systems while creating their first mobile app. The servers from where that mobile app is accessing should have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized users from accessing data.

With these in mind just tighten up your mobile app security & win over your users.



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