Latest updates from the Social Media. A Quick Tour

Social Media

Social Media sites are competing amongst themselves at who will scrape out better and creative ideas to impress their users and gain newer set of users.

It is the best platform to give and take. People are listening and talking. Just pay close attention and focus on what they need and what they are saying and expecting from you or your product related industry.

The common thread that connects all these social media marketing sites are that they are actually not promoting themselves but in a way attempting to provide their customers what they need and in turn are enjoying favors with the increase in number of buyers.

Now allow me to give you a quick tour of all the latest updates over these social media networking sites:

  • Instagram: Instagram has been growing in its popularity with the number of users utilizing the platform to post their latest snaps with better clarity. So, now it is up with a newer functionality that provides better search facility to its iOS and Android users. The best part of this feature is that it allows people to search for photos by location and discover the recent searches that are in trend and lots more.
  • Twitter has got much more: A recent study reported that the time between 11 am to 1 pm is the best time to tweet and these results have been derived by analyzing more than 4.8 million tweets. Twitter found a replacement of its CEO in its co-founder Jack Dorsey who resumed the power from July 1st onwards. Then there were two features that facilitated easier discovery of products and places.
  • Facebook: Facebook’s latest invention was its author tags which when implemented on a particular website allows people to follow the author of the post on Facebook. These tags are contained in the byline of the story preview on the news feed and also a link to the author’s Facebook profile along with the option to follow is available. A new ranking factor has been added on to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm where Facebook now considers the time spent by people on each content shared over Facebook. Now Facebook has decided to coordinate with Shopify to help people buy online with just a click over the “Buy” button. Facebook also provides GIF’s to make communication more interesting.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest introduced the streamlined search suggestions which allows people to easily locate related pins. Then there is the “Buyable Pins” that was implemented to allow users to purchase directly from Pinterest. This was introduced to plug in more male audience and to help E-commerce websites to expand their reach.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr has also decided to give its users an easier search facility that has streamlined the search option by entering GIFs available over the social media site.

Google will be launching a new gaming platform for gamers called “YouTube”.

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