Content Writing changes that came with the year 2015

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Decades back, the content writing style was rather draggy, dodgy and boring. Even in the year 2011, the content writing practices were aligned along the same line and it didn’t pay off the business’s efforts to finally strike a deal with the customers. The problem with this kind of content was that they were not curated to help the customers or offer them with a solution for their problem, all that they did was try to rope in their clients in an attempt to benefit their business sales.

During the olden days of online marketing, content was curated in abundance and the same content was rewritten using content spinning software which was a good idea. This helped from the search engine point of view, as Google was inclined towards sites with all kinds of content that might or might not matter.

But, as years passed by businesses realized it was their responsibility to take care of their customers and offer them with what they actually want and not just some rubbish blabbering that looked like nonsense to the reader. Here, is where Premium Content comes and this is exactly the content that we create and distribute. It is nothing but the content that has been curated by a particular industry favoring a specific user persona. Tell a tale and that is all what Premium Content is about.

How The content strategy has changed over the years and its present status in the year 2015:

  • It’s not merely content production, but it is about pleasing the user: The quality of your content matters in the long run as all your competitors are heading off to curate high level content for their brands. The content that has been inspired from premium sources is visibly genuine and it gives food for thought to your audience as they have something to think about a particular product. Now, what the search engines do is that they do not look for bulk content but, they need content that can related with your audience and in a way tells a beautiful story. A content that focuses on addressing the user’s problems will be ranked high over the search engines.
  • How does a content get shared: It has been found through researches that the content that are curated around storytelling are the ones that revolve around in social shares and have user engagement. All thanks to the fact that it tells a story and does not merely sell the product. The length of the story might come as a problem but as time passes by, audience can easily relate to your story.
  • Storytelling comes with a big price: There was a time years back when people would curate content for absolutely nothing. Even today these kinds of freelance writers can be found over the internet who provide their services free or charge a pitiful sum of money. But, curating quality content from an expert curator needs quite a few resources as they never work for free and this is the kind of content that you actually need.

The best formula is to tell and not sell. Focus on crafting an entirely different and unique story rather than trying to pitch product sale.

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