Are you aware of the role of buyer keywords?


The internet is abuzz with the phrases “Buyer keywords” and on how they can be effectively utilized for boosting the search engine traffic. The new SEO bies are actually confused on choosing the efficient tool for performing keyword research. A lot of Internet marketers are keen on insisting people to use the keyword research tools like “Long Tail Pro” and are even offering discounts.

I believe, these days a lot of webmasters and internet marketers are circulating Email newsletters recommending this tool to be the most efficient one for SEO and this recommendation comes from their personal experience too. Niche Genetics was a tool commonly recommended by Internet marketers before the relaunch of Long Tail Pro keyword research tool started gaining importance. In the case of Long Tail Pro it helps to find long tail keywords whereas Niche Genetics helps to find Niche.

But, let me tell you an actual fact on how these operates, it is more or less similar as they collect data from Google’s keyword tool, with a little difference in the presentation style by infusing in some analytic’s of their own that gives the users an idea on which keyword to use. But, Google happened to transform its Keywords tool into Keywords planner and also provided limited access to data and the other keyword research tools also underwent transformation, though they still depend on Google for the main resources.

Let us have a wider discussion- why do we need paid software services that derive their source of information from Google and this is absolutely free of cost? What is the purpose?

These tools are expected to speeden the keyword research process as it helps to save a lot of time. But if you are actually proficient at what are the things to look for while doing keyword research and you do not mind actually spending your time researching then you can choose to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

I will give you a brief insight into keyword research and how to get it done the right way!

Let us first check whether there exists any differences between Niche Research and Keyword Research or whether they both are the same. In reality, keyword research is just a part of Niche Research, and keyword research is used to look for keywords that people are searching for, Niche Research focuses more on content research, market research, demographics, profitability of the niche, etc.

Niche Research is the first and foremost important step in this process. Identifying the related niche and sub-niche and the target audience is an essential necessity. Then, you need to find a sub niche with a low competition, which is easy to locate. You just need to go to Google and type in the name of your niche and add +forum and Google will list a set of related forums and you browse through these to identify the common problems that people are talking, you can even seek help from sites like Yahoo, Quora and find out what kind of problems people are discussing about.

If you are able to find problems in the Niche then it is a good sign, go ahead and grab the opportunity  because these are people who want solutions to their problems. Now, you have the Niche with you then you can proceed with keyword research.

Now the question is what are buyer keywords and the 3 stages of keyword Research”

Keyword research involves finding the keywords that your website will be ranked for.

Now that you know what your niche is, you can work on building a website or blog based on it and then curate some content for it.

These includes:

  • Domain Name Keyword Research:

Once you decide to build a blog or website, you need to start searching for related keyword that have a higher amount of searches but comparatively less competition. Any keyword that has a search volume exceeding 400 searches per month, then it is a good place to start at. When it comes to choosing Domain Names, 400 searches is a lower frequency, so look for a term that exceeds 2000 searches per month. And let me tell you this if you are able to find a domain and a keyword with the specified search volume then you are in it. Do not worry, if you are not able to find one, because possibly, you can find domains with suitable prefixes or suffixes to our desired keyword.

Personally, I would prefer domains that exhibit an enhanced domain authority, trust flow, citation flow and possibly some backlinks attached to it. But, let me be concise, Google loves to rank you if you are able to find a domain with a perfect matching keyword.

  • Long Tail Keywords Need Research:

Once you are through the first stage, the second stage is to find the keywords on which you can build your content. This is where you can utilize long tail keywords. These are nothing but keywords with a long tail, 4-5 words in a single keyword will be usually referred as long tailed ones. Actually, there is no limitation to the number of words you can include in a keyword, but if you can find at least 3 words then it is a good number and if these have a search volume of more than 400 searches then there is nothing that can pull off your rank. Suppose you have chosen say 15 keywords or say, then these should get a search volume of more than 6000 per month and this will automatically rank you over the search engines and help generate traffic the natural way.

  • Researching for buyer keywords:

This is the final stage of keyword research, showcasing the buyer keywords. These are nothing but keywords that tend to generate the buying intent and moreover it is likely to generate traffic from people who are here with the intention to buy. Product discounts, product name online store, buy product name and product discounts are some of the keywords that can be used to generate buyer intent. These keywords automatically bring in audience that will convert into buyers.

So, now you know the process is a simple one.


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